This video is about The Energies of Solution Formation. Herein I explain the energies involved during solution formation and discuss whether the solution forms or not.

After watching this video you will better understand the expression:
Like dissolves like“.

In this video I discuss two main examples:

  • Oil and Water
  • Sodium chloride and Water

You will note that the energies depend on the type of intermolecular interactions (IMFs). More energy will be needed to break strong IMFs and more energy will be released when strong IMFs form. In a similar way, less energy is needed to break weak IMFs, and less energy is released when weak IMFs form.

The formation of the solution is favoured if the enthalpy of solution is negative and it is not if he enthalpy of solution is positive.

However, the solution formation could be favoured if he enthalpy of solution is positive but small and this is thanks to the entropy. Since the entropy increases when solution forms, the solution will form because of the entropy term and not the enthalpy term. This could be better understood by looking at the free energy is the following video.

Students studying Chemistry at different levels could highly benefit from this video.

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