This video is about the Molecular Orbital Theory, and discusses in details the formation of diatomic molecules of the elements from periods 1 and 2 of the periodic table of elements, along with their stability (based on their bond order) and magnetic properties (paramagnetic and diamagnetic).

In this video I discuss the following examples of diatomic molecules:

  • Hydrogen, H2
  • Helium, He2 and Helium ion He2+
  • Lithium, Li2
  • Beryllium, Be2
  • Boron, B2
  • Carbon, C2
  • Nitrogen, N2
  • Oxygen, O2
  • Neon, Ne2

Moreover, I discuss in details the formation of the molecular orbitals (bonding and antibonding orbitals) from the s atomic orbitals (1s and 2s) and the p atomic orbitals. The formation of the molecular orbitals is explained through the constructive and destructive interferences of two waves.

Students studying Chemistry at different levels could highly benefit from this video.

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