This video is about Solubility & Complex Ion Equilibria and explains in details the dissolution of solids in water and their solubility product constant (Ksp). In this video also you will learn about the use of solubility product to calculate the solubility of ionic solids in water, or how to calculate the solubility product if the solubility is provided. Moreover, you will learn how to compare solubilities of different ionic solids based on the values of their Ksp.

After watching this video you will be able to:

  • Understand that a sparingly soluble salt has a limited solubility in water.
  • Know that when a sparingly soluble salt is dissolved in water, equilibrium occurs when the solution is saturated.
  • Understand that solubility equilibrium is the point where the rate of dissolution is equal to the rate of precipitation.
  • Define the molar solubility and solubility product constant, Ksp
  • Write solubility product expressions for sparingly soluble salts.
  • Know that an experimentally determined solubility of an ionic solid can be used to calculate its Ksp value
  • Recognize that the solubility of an ionic solid can be calculated if its Ksp value is known and vice versa.
  • Know that Ksp values can be used to directly compare solubility only if the salts being compared produce the same number of ions in solution,
  • Know that if the salts being compared produce different numbers of ions, Ksp cannot be directly compared to predict solubility.

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