This video is about Thermochemistry and explains in details the Enthalpy and Calorimetry. In this video also you will learn about the heat capacity, constant-pressure calorimeter (Coffee Cup Calorimeter) and constant-volume calorimeter (Bomb Calorimeter). After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Define enthalpy (H) and enthalpy change (DeltaH) of a reaction.
  • Note that enthalpy change (DeltaH) is a state function.
  • Explain how enthalpy and internal energy are related.
  • Explain how the terms enthalpy of reaction and heat of reaction are related.
  • Know that calorimetry is the experimental technique used to determine the heat exchange (q) associated with a reaction.
  • Distinguish between heat capacity, specific heat capacity and molar hear capacity.
  • Understand the importance of a calorimeter in a calorimetry experiment.
  • Distinguish between constant-pressure and constant volume calorimetry.
  • Use experimental data collected in calorimetry experiment to perform calculations and solve problems relating enthalpy and calorimetry.

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