Senior Research Scientist – Organic/Polymer Materials Chemist. May 2017 – present.
Research & Development Center (R&DC) – Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Eastern Province, KSA.

Senior Industrial Trainer – AP Chemistry & Organic Chemistry Lecturer. January 2013 – present.
College Preparatory Center (CPC) – Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Eastern Province, KSA.

Senior Research Scientist – Organic Materials Scientist. March 2010 – January 2013.
SWITCH Materials Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA.

Research Scientist – Organic/Polymer Materials Chemist. April 2008 – February 2010.
FPInnovations – Paprican Division (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada), Fibre Supply & Quality group, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.

Postdoctoral Research Scientist – Polymer & Synthetic Organic Chemistry. November 2006 – April 2008.
The Marder Group – School of Chemistry and Biochemistry – Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.


PhD in Organic Materials Chemistry. October 2006.
Organic Materials Group (GMO) – Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials of Strasbourg (IPCMS) – University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FRANCE.

Supervisor: Pr. Jean-François Nicoud.

Dissertation Title: Design, synthesis and characterizations of new chromophores with two-photon absorption properties: Applications in bio-imaging.

M.Sc., Polymer Chemistry. June 2003.
Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Materials and Surfaces, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FRANCE.

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