What Is the Relationship Between the Concentration of a Solution and the Amount of Transmitted Light Through the Solution?

Investigation #5: Chromatography Paper.

Sticky Question: How Do You Separate Molecules That Are Attracted to One Another?

Investigation #8: Redox Titration of Hydrogen Peroxide.

How Can we Determine the Actual Percentage of H2O2 in a Drugstore Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide?

Investigation #11: Rate Law of the Fading of Crystal Violet.

What is the Rate Law of the Fading of Crystal Violet Using Beer’s Law?

Investigation #13: Le Châtelier’s Principle.

Can We Make the Colors of the Rainbow? An Application of Le Châtelier’s Principle.

Investigation #15: Household Products’ Buffering Activity.

To What Extent Do Common Household Products Have Buffering Activity?


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