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Senior Research Scientist – Organic Materials Scientist.

  • Molecular design of photochromic and electrochromic chromophores.
  • Multi-step organic synthesis and scale-up product.
  • Chemical and photophysical characterizations.


Research Scientist – Organic/Polymer Materials Chemist.

  • Natural/synthetic polymer hybrid materials.
  • Synthetic organic chemistry in aqueous media. o Surface modification of natural fibres.
  • Emulsion Graft Radical copolymerization.
  • Photophysical characterization.


Postdoctoral Research Scientist – Polymer & Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

  • Multi-step organic synthesis.
  • Polymerization techniques (ATRP, ROMP and FRP).
  • Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED).
  • Low shrinkage materials for photonic crystals fabrication. o Surface modification of inorganic surfaces.
  • Photophysical characterization.


Doctoral Research Fellow – Organic Materials Chemistry.

  • Multi-step organic synthesis.
  • Photophysical characterization. o Nonlinear optics.
  • Bio-imaging.
  • Bio-conjugation.
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