This video is about Electrochemistry and explains in details the Electrolysis, Electrolytic Cell & Electroplating. After watching this video, you should be able to:

Electrolytic Cells

  • Recognize that electrolysis reaction is a non-spontaneous redox reaction driven by an outside source of electrical energy.
  • Note that oxidation occurs at the anode – i.e. the electrode connected to the positive pole of the external power supply and reduction occurs at the cathode – i.e. the electrode connected to the negative pole of the external power supply
  • Note that E-cell for an electrolytic cell is < 0.
  • Explain the operation of an electrolytic cell at the visual, particulate, and symbolic levels.


  • Understand that for electrolysis to take place, the external voltage must be greater than the potential of the galvanic if the reaction is to be forced in the opposite direction.
  • Predict the order of electrolysis of the components of a mixture.


  • Know that electroplating is the deposition of neutral metal atoms on the electrode by reducing the corresponding metal ions in solution.
  • Note that the anode is a piece of the plating metal while the cathode is the object to be plated.
  • Calculate the quantities of substances involved in an electrolytic process.

Electrolysis of Water

  • Note that the electrolysis requires the presence of a soluble salt or dilute acid to serve as an electrolyte.

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