This video is about Electrochemistry and explains in details the Standard Reduction Potential. After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Know that the standard hydrogen potential is a reference potential (Zero).
  • Recognize that the standard reduction potentials are measured in reference of the standard hydrogen electrode.
  • Describe the make-up of a Galvanic cell involving a given chemical reaction.
  • Understand that the E-cell of a galvanic cell is a combination of the potentials of the two half reactions.
  • Calculate the standard cell potential value for a given redox reaction.
  • Know that, for a galvanic cells, E-cell must be greater than zero.
  • Write the line notation a Galvanic cell.
  • Construct an electrochemical cell diagram, including identifying the anode, cathode, direction of electron flow, sign of the electrodes, direction of ion flow in salt bridge, from a redox reaction or from short hand cell notation.

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