This video is about Solubility & Complex Ion Equilibria and explains in details the common ion effect during the dissolution of solids in water. In this video also you will learn about the effect of pH on solubility and how to calculate the solubility of ionic solids in water, or how to calculate the solubility product if the solubility is provided.

After watching this video you will be able to:

  • Recognize that the solubility of a solid is lowered if the solution already contains ions common to the solid.
  • Explain why a common ion in solution decreases the solubility of its compounds.
  • Calculate the molar solubility for a salt when placed in a solution having a common ion.
  • Explain the qualitative effect of pH on solubility of a slightly soluble salt.
  • Understand that a given salt will show increased solubility in acidic solution if its anion is an effective base like OH , S2- , CO32- , C2O42- , CrO42-
  • Describe, through net ionic equations and calculations, the effect of pH on the precipitation and dissolving of certain substances, particularly, those containing a weak-acid anion.

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